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ACADEMICS: Calley Gray '04 shares why we must remember on Remembrance Day

Lieutenant Commander Calley Gray '04 is on her way to Iraq where she will be deployed as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. She put together and shared an educational video this past Remembrance Day, as she started her journey, to help explain the importance of November 11. This marked the first video she uploaded to her "vlog" on her YouTube Channel and she hopes to use this platform to educate others, especially our youth, and provide a first-hand perspective on what deployment and life as a member of the forces is like.

Following her time at Grammar, Calley completed her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Military College (RMC) in Kingston, then a Double Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). During Women's History Month, Calley was quoted as saying "I’m proud to be part of an organization that offers equal pay for men and women and that acknowledges and honours everyone, regardless of their gender. The RCN is for everyone, and here women can achieve their full potential.” We're proud to have an alumn like Calley who is an incredible role model for young Grammarians, especially young women.

Calley's second video on her channel was just released and announced that she had reached the halfway mark on her journey to Iraq. Thank you to Calley for her service to our country and for sharing her story with all of us here back home. We look forward to following along with Calley's journey - please subscribe and follow along with us!

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