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ACADEMICS: Matthew Bluteau '09 publishes a book

Matthew Bluteau ’09 has published his first book! Titled Nuclear Physics Made Easy (Super Smart Science), the book is ideal for children ages nine and up and makes complex physics concepts relatable and easy to understand. Help your child discover the mysteries of nuclear physics.

"The inspiration for my interest in science came from my many science teachers but in particular Mr. Brinkhurst (Grade nine physics and maths) and Mr. Beazley (IB HL Chemistry)," says Matthew. "In their classrooms were the first time I saw the order and logic of the physical world and how satisfying that understanding can be."

Matthew says that in terms of inspiration for writing the book itself and literary influences, it is more difficult to pinpoint because there is a lot of emphasis on the importance of literature and writing at Grammar. "Early on in Prep School, story writing was always a large part of our work, and that truly laid the basis for my future writing ability. In Middle School, that trend continued along with studying some of the great authors in English literature. Mr. Laffoley's humour remains a prominent feature in animating many of those stories, and Ms. McNeil was always the one to provoke insightful discussion."

On a practical level, Matthew shares that the sheer volume of writing for IB courses at Grammar provided him with a strong foundation for developing his writing skills in university (both academic and creative), and notes that a children's book is unique in that it needs to be strict and academic in some respects, but then creative and fun in others. He says that he can certainly trace roots of both of these forms of writing to his time at Grammar.

Copies will be available on January 14, 2021, for that budding physicist in your life. Read more about Matthew's new book and pre-order your copy here to help your child discover the mysteries of nuclear physics. Congratulations, Dr. Bluteau!

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