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ATHLETICS: Connie McInnes '06

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Connie McInnes '06 is the creator and owner of R Studios which encompasses Rio Pilates & Yoga Studio and Rogue is the circuit and strength studio and Rebel is a combination of the others - three incredible fitness establishments in the HRM. Connie opened Rio in 2014 in Halifax and in a 2017 Chronicle Herald article, she was quoted as saying "There was a lack of a place that had a sense of community around it. A sense of social component was missing from the fitness world." Rio was embraced by the north-end community in Halifax and became a place to improve fitness and feel like you belong. Connie's expansion dreams for her fitness studio became a reality and now runs the three boutique studios to suit the fitness needs of everyone. The three studios had to close their doors on November 24 due to COVID-19 restrictions. They quickly turned to live streaming their classes and allowing members 24/7 access to all three studios. From cardio and strength to resistance and recovery, R Studio's classes offer a wide range of physical movements to provide a complete body workout.

In the spirit of supporting local this year and trying something new, R Studios is offering Grammar alumni 50% off the first month unlimited. Use promo code hgsalum. Please click here to view their website and learn more about their current live streaming program.

Congratulations, Connie, on your success in the fitness and entrepreneurial world!

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