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Class Reunions - Time to meet again!

We are in the midst of planning a virtual 10-year reunion for the Class of 2011 with assistance from Class Reps - Pelham Flowerdew '11, Emily McBride '11, and Siobhan Welch '11. Reach out to Fabiola at if you would like to receive the doodle poll and confirm your attendance!

Did you graduate in 2001, 1991, 1981, 1971, 1961, and would like to see what your classmates are up to know? Reach out to Fabiola, and she will help make it happen!

It's always fun to reunite with classmates and see what everyone has been up to. If you already have one planned, why not check out the yearbook from your graduating class with each other over Zoom? Share the screen and reminisce over photos and recall those great Grammar moments. Click here to access the electronic versions of past yearbooks!

If you do get together, please send your photos to Fabiola or share and tag us on social media with @halifaxgrammar for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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