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Faculty Retirements: JP Ellis & Eleanor Mangusso

Mr. Ellis and Ms. Mangusso will be retiring at the end of the academic school year.

Help us celebrate their incredible teaching careers!

Mr. Ellis began his Grammar career in 1989, where he taught Music in the Prep School for a number of years and Music and History in the Middle School. JP was also chaperone extraordinaire, first to the United States with Mrs. Meinertzhagen and later to Europe with Mme. Danford and Ms. MacNeil.

Ms. Mangusso began her Grammar journey in 1990 and taught Grade 3 in the Prep School. She also helped to develop the After School Program at Grammar. Ms. Mangusso has the most incredible sense of humour and the most incredible way of connecting with her young students.

We are collecting written testimonials and photos of Mr. Ellis and Ms. Mangusso to be included in a memento box and to share at future celebrations. We encourage you to pass along any well wishes, funny stories, or fond memory you may have. They will be thrilled to hear from our alumni community and be appreciative of your kind words.

Please send any photos and written testimonials by Friday, June 4, to Fabiola at

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