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Grammar alumnus Michael Song‘09 goes international to study medicine

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

After graduating from Halifax Grammar School, Michael Song’09 began his journey pursuing his love for neuroscience around the world.

Michael was in the middle of studying for his medical board exam when he gave up a few precious minutes to talk about how his alma mater shaped him.

From Grammar, he went to Dalhousie University and did an undergraduate degree in neuroscience. Then he headed for England, where he completed his masters and Ph.D. at Oxford. Now, he resides in New Hampshire, and attends medical school at Dartmouth College.

“Being well-prepared for my undergrad and beyond was the greatest gift Grammar could have given to me. Despite its size, the school has an illustrious network worldwide, and I’m honoured to be a part of that,” said Michael. “The rigour of going to Grammar taught me to be so much more resilient. So, I moved to England because there was a specific faculty member I really wanted to work with.”

Gero Miesenböck is the faculty member mentioned by Michael, Gero would become his faculty supervisor upon his arrival. “I did five years with him. He was a world-expert neuroscientist, and his knowledge and tech know-how was unparalleled by anyone else. Grammar was instrumental in helping me gain that connection.”

He said though he initially had trouble adapting, it was worthwhile to go to these different places. For Michael, traveling was a means to work with the best people and neuroscience, and he had to take the chance.

“At times I was nervous in these new environments, but it became refreshing. I enjoy engaging with many people and understanding multi-cultural dynamics,” he said. “Grammar has allowed me to reach this point and helped me get to doors that otherwise would have remained closed. I now have the courage to knock, and I’m grateful to Grammar for that.”

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