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Joshua Spelliscy '18 - Argyle Fine Art Gallary's 17th Annual Pre-Shrunk Show

Joshua took a leap of faith and submitted five pieces to the Argyle Fine Art Gallery's Pre-Shrunk Show, and three of his pieces were selected. In January, the 17th Annual PRE-SHRUNK SHOW took place using virtual components where guests could view and purchase the art pieces.

Jackson Pollock and Joan Miro inspired the chosen pieces. Joshua splattered paint onto the canvasses and then created characters out of the splatters. Texture, colour, and contrast were three important characteristics he wanted to emphasize while painting these pieces.

“Halifax Grammar was really a turning point in my passion for the arts. I was always encouraged by my mother, but it was not until I was in art class with Ms. Silver that I explored techniques and styles out of my comfort zone. Ms. MacNeil was another teacher who was very encouraging during my time at Grammar.”

Joshua graduated from Grammar with his IB Art focus and was always very humble about his work. It is opportunities like these where true artists are allowed to shine for all to see!

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