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Milestones - Where are they now?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Grammar would like to celebrate alongside you when a milestone in your life takes place. This is something we will be adding to each alumni newsletter and are asking for your assistance. We want to know when you are getting married, having babies, reach a significant achievement academically or personally. These moments are meant to be commemorated and we believe that your fellow alumni want to be part of that. Please contact Fabiola to be included in the next newsletter!


Caroline Brett’04 - Baby boy: Milo Fitch McGie

Brett (Cameron) Laidlaw'09 - Baby girl: Nora Jane Laidlaw


Lauren Jain’05 - Got married to Sanj Mendis from Kingston on December 31, 2019

Mark Flowerdew'12 - Got married to Emma Catherine on April 25, 2020.

ACHIEVEMENTS (Academic and personal)

Liam Elbourne'13 selected as a Top 8 Academic All-Canadian and received the Governor General’s Academic All-Canadian Commendation Medal.

Tosin Fashoranti’13 began her medical residency at a hospital in Dublin, Ireland.

Rachel MacLean'10 started her medical residency in psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Hospital, a Harvard-affiliated program.

Amanda Stanton’12 began her medical residency at Alberta Health Services.

Akila Whiley'08 completed her family medicine residency at Women's College Hospital in Toronto and began work as a full-time physician with Red Lake Medical Associates at Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital.

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